I spent most of my professional life in the world of fashion

My previous job was at H&M , where I was in charge of company’s largest and most exclusive shop in Vörösmarty Square. Meanwhile, I got married, gave birth to a child and due to my husband moved to France 2 years ago.

The world of HR is not unknown to me

As part of my managerial position I had to interview, hire, lay off and manage hundreds of people. Greensearch consulting company contacted me one and a half years ago offering a research job that can be done from home which is just right for me. Something I can do beside a young child. I support projects while based in Nimes.

Private life

I’m the mother of a fantastic, but constantly moving 5 year old child. I am a committed advocate of a healthy lifestyle, whether it be eating or exercise. I run, swim, do yoga, and as a hobby I constantly look into creating new, health-conscious food combinations. One day I would like to open a breakfast bar called “Greenfood”.

Contact: zsuzsanna.hanschut (kukac) greensearch.hu