I graduated from Trent University in Nottingham, England, majoring in International Studies and History. I moved back to Hungary in spring 2020. After a short break, I was hired at a project management consulting firm in Budapest as a young graduate, where in the autumn of 2021 I felt the need for a change.

For me, history of economics and sociology have proven to be the most exciting in social theory research, besides which I have always found the origins of collective behaviour and human motivation exciting. Despite the fact that now I work in a field that is not strictly related to my profession, the headhunting part of the HR profession provides a very close and specific insight into the current labour market forces and allows understanding of corporate processes and structures.

Private life
After work I play music – within the framework of several projects – and I am also engaged in graphics, illustrations, analogue film photography as a hobby. I try to read as much foreign language literature as possible, and I like to break out of the hustle and bustle of the busy city life and spend time in nature.

Contact: domonkos.nagy@greensearch.hu