I have been dealing with Revenue Management and Strategic Planning for almost 20 years

Throughout my professional career, I have worked in aviation, light source technology and in the beverage industry. I believe in lifelong learning and professional development. My mind is fixed on revenue optimisation; therefore, I try to introduce the theory of this great financial strategy and the way of life associated with it to as many people and companies as possible via training sessions and presentations.

I graduated as an economist and I have a MSc in economics. Thanks to my dissertation (on tax optimisation), I was awarded the first prize in macroeconomics first in the district, later in Budapest too, and the second prize at a national level. I moved back to Hungary from Qatar 3 years ago, where I had managed 2 regions of Qatar Airways in the field of Strategic Planning (Revenue Management and Pricing) for 5 years. Qatar Airways was crowned the world’s best airline 3 times during the 5 years I worked there. I speak English and German. My main areas of expertise are market segmentation, pricing techniques, the impact of promotion on companies, product analysis, and creating upper management reports.

People who have met me know: I was born an eternal optimist, the type of person who would never give up

My motto: ‘good’ is the mortal enemy of ‘excellent’, this is why I always strive for the maximum.


I am a father of three. I cannot do without sports. I used to be a professional footballer, now I do boxing, and Krav-Maga (street martial arts) on a weekly basis.

Contact: datamining (kukac) greensearch.hu