I came across human resource management as an apprentice in the HR department of a pharmaceutical company and I fell in love with it straight away.
Afterwards, I started to build my professional career determinedly by gaining experience in various fields of recruitment and selection.

I had worked for an apprentice hiring agency, then I became the head of the employment placement department of a consulting company for 6 years, where I was in charge of specialist and senior positions. Then, I gained experience in recruitment and selection in the HR department of a multinational manufacturing company. I conducted thousands of in-person and phone interviews, worked on a multitude of positions and found the right people.

What I like about my current job is diversity. I am motivated by the desire to be successful. I believe that there is the right person for every position, they just need to be found. I can call myself lucky because during my career I have always had great mentors from whom I could learn a lot over the years. I do not believe in luck, but I believe in the fact that hard work will lead you to success and make you improve continuously.

As a hobby, I am interested in psychology and body language. I have read several books related to these topics. I am a mother of two children, who keep me constantly active. As a family, we love discovering new things and places.

I am also interested in gastronomy, I like trying out new restaurants, but I also enjoy baking and cooking when time permits.