I was working as a student in a sports store in 2011 when I was appointed as a student work leader and got closer to the field of HR. Later I was elected to be a member of the works council, which I then led for 1 year.

This area is a good match for me

That was when I realised that I love dealing with people and that this area was a good match for me. I studied Business Administration and Management at Budapest Business School, where instead of becoming specialised I continued my studies at the Human Resources Department. I have been working in HR since 2016, most specifically in consulting. At Greensearch consulting company my main task includes searching for specialists and managers.

Private life

I try to spend most of my free time in nature, I run and like tracking on the National Blue Trail paths. I am also interested in visiting World War II and Cold War bunkers and I base a Facebook blog on these trips. Unfortunately these days I have little time to update the site. In addition to this interest, I have been attracted to cars and motorbikes since my childhood, and over the years I have refurbished several old motorbikes. I was also lucky enough to gain an insight into the work of auto magazine writers.

Contact: bence.koronczai (kukac) greensearch.hu