I have 25 years of financial management experience at multinational and large Hungarian companies

I have worked in several different sectors during my professional carrier including electricity production, coal mining, delivery services, telecommunications, IT, machinery production, pharma, media and public transport, all of which I got to know as a finance leader.

Change management, efficiency improvement

At all my workplaces, significant changes occurred during the time of my employment or in some cases I was hired for the very purpose of managing change processes. In each case I was able to broaden my experience gained in change management and sometimes crisis management. In a short period of time I had to familiarise with the operation of the companies and prepare an action plan aiming at increasing efficiency as well as running the projects.

Even an engineer economist can realise the fact that the highest value is human resources behind the numbers

During the transformations and reorganisations I conducted many interviews and built new teams. At the beginning of my carrier the only thing that counted for me was solving tasks, getting better figures and results. However, today my main focus is on the people who have achieved these results. In the whole process, they are the ones who possess the highest value and they are the key to efficient operation.

Private life

I am keen on psychology and Eastern philosophies. I read a lot on these topics. I enjoy exercising and, of course, meditation plays an important role in my life.

Contact: robert.friebert (kukac) greensearch.hu