Direct Search 1

Traditional direct search using all the modern tools currently available in the market: direct search for candidates in the given industry or industries

Search process:
  • personal consultation with the partners (to find out about the company, the position and to clarify expectations)
  • compiling a list of companies for the direct search
  • after the approval of the list, searching for potential candidate names
  • telephone interviews
  • face-to-face interviews
  • preparing detailed professional reports on the candidates
  • requesting references
  • post-placement “follow up”
Our strong points:
  • quality in all aspects
  • regular, honest, open communication
  • thinking together with our partners
  • rapidity
  • support outside project scope (information regarding changes in the market, salary levels, trends in the industry)
  • the same quality can also be experienced by our candidates (accurate information, continuous feedback, and communication, professional preparation and support)
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Deák Andrea
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