„Development in general doesn’t make you a better employee or a better manager. Development makes you a better human who is able to invest the best in you to add beauty and meaning to your life and the rest of the world.”

Sameh Elsayed

Our coaching service provides individuals and groups with long-term development opportunities in developing their competencies and increasing their self-awareness to assist them in finding a successful and balanced career and life path. As coaching is a “gentle method”, our goal is to lead coachees to realizations and revelations as a result of which they can move on alone and achieve lasting changes in their own lives with the help of the tools/methods learned.


We believe that only those who are aware of themselves, their values, strengths and areas for improvement can be truly successful in their work and private lives. Those who has the courage to face themselves and are willing to do it to achieve their goals and desires. Those who do not expect changes to be initiated externally but begin to grow by using their internal strength and are willing and have the resolve to change their own behaviours, habits, attitudes, taking responsibility for the development of their own careers and life paths. It often involves hard work, but it’s worth it in the long run because you get the key to your own life.

Each of our individual coaching processes starts with a thorough self-awareness discovery, on which the further analysis, exploration and development of the competencies/areas to be developed is based.

Types of individual coaching:
    • Management coaching
    • Life coaching
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Individual coaching topics:
    • Assertiveness – assertive behavior, assertive communication, conflict handling
    • Delegation – control versus delegation
    • Decision making – strengthening and developing decision-making abilities
    • Communication – developing presentation and negotiation skills, effective oral and written communication
    • Life coaching – techniques for dealing with issues in private life/relationships, mid-life crisis, defining life goals and individual motivations, career management, self-confidence and confidence building
    • Developing and motivating others
    • Strengthening the strategic approach
    • Stress management – work-life balance, effective stress management methods and techniques, individual coping strategies, effective time management, burnout prevention and treatment
    • Managing change
What happens during individual coaching?

The coach and coachee meet each other before the first coaching session when they have the opportunity to get to know each other and decide if they can work together or trust each other. Afterward, it is recommended that they meet and work on a given topic every 1.5-2 weeks. A coaching session usually lasts 60-90 minutes, and the entire coaching process takes approximately 6-10 sessions depending on the relevant issues for the coachee and the situation to be solved.


What is team coaching?

This is a means of development that promotes improvement, increases the efficiency and effectiveness of teams consisting of different individuals fighting for a common goal. It is important to point out that it allows real-time intervention during the work between the coach and team members during each coaching session, and therefore results in immediate changes in the way team members operate. This is where its strength lies and has become one of the most effective team development tools available today.

During team coaching, we work with what we have. For this reason, there is no need for pre-invented situations, tasks, games, such as during a standard training, because the topics and the situations are constantly evolving during the team’s operation, so the situations to be solved, the factors hindering the team’s real efficiency, appear step by step.

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When is team coaching recommended?

When a team is “stuck” and necessitates the following:

    • exploring and resolving conflicts and communication problems within the team
    • increasing team performance
    • during organizational changes, transformations (e.g. a new leader is appointed to manage, or several new team members join an existing team)
    • clarifying the responsibilities and competences within the team
    • clarifying the goals and tasks of the team
    • for the cooperation of a team with other teams by defining their own roles and tasks
    • developing collaboration between middle or senior management teams
How does a team coaching process work?

The team coaching process is always preceded by so-called individual interviews with each member of the team, after which there is the possibility for a pre-coaching session between the coach and the team. During this session the parties can find out about whether they can work together effectively, imagine the process together.

A process is built up approximately as many sessions as the number of members in the team. Ideally, the team coach and team members should meet approximately every 2 weeks for a period of 3-4 hours. A team coach can lead the process for a maximum number of 6-8 people at a time, but for larger teams, the use of two team coaches is recommended in order to be able to explore and monitor the dynamics within the team more effectively and to ensure the smooth running of the coaching process.

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