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Greensearch Kft among reliable companies

Bisnode is an international company specializing in rating companies based on their financial stability and business reliability using a continuously assessed and proven system on a scale of approximately 300 points developed by international experts.

This is how our company, Greensearch Kft., was chosen, thus we belong to 16% of the companies operating in Hungary who are financially sound, we are among the best based on objective company rating. We are extremely proud of this, because reliability is very much appreciated these days, and this has always been our cornerstone.

bisnode certificate

We believe that the Bisnode certificate will further increase the trust already shown by our customers, suppliers, and employees, and this is becoming increasingly important in long-term, stable business relationships. Having the stability of our company recognized by Bisnode, i.e. independent experts, meant a lot for us too, indicating that we are on the right track in building our company. As the qualification of our company was strictly based on professional criteria and it is not possible to apply for or register to obtain it, the Bisnode certificate really differentiates our company in a positive way in the market.

A few words about the certificate

The Bisnode certificate is used in many European countries and as a standard for doing business in Scandinavian countries. The Bisnode rating is based on data from several official sources, such as data from the Ministry of Justice, court records, NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary) and other authorities’ data. In addition to data from official sources, it incorporates financial information about the company, such as balance sheet data, turnover statements, market trends. The certificate takes into account the demographic data of the company or organisation, i.e. the age, activity, size, owners of the company and their connections. Bisnode uses the payment experience program data to include in the rating the payment discipline with which the given company settles its accounts. In addition to the above, a range of additional information is used, such as implementation data and press releases.