It is expertise that counts in the long run.
However sometimes you need to be able to let go of habits and leave the beaten track. This is the key for development.
About us 1

We are proud that we are always able to innovate, grow and be amongst the first to create something new. More than a half of our projects belong to the “mission impossible” category but after several years of cooperation our partners know that in the end we will find a solution. How can this be possible? Is it due to experience or to our extensive network of contacts? Or is it because of our consultancy skills?
In our opinion being dedicated to what we do, our diligence, and our strong desire to deliver the best outcome for partners and candidates is the approach that bears fruit.

Positions searched for:
• line and senior managers
• specialists (engineers, sales engineers, financial controllers, specialists in the field of HR, marketing and logistics)

Why choose us?

The members of our team have international backgrounds. Our employees hold themselves to high standards, constantly developing our methods and tools while keeping local characteristics in mind.

Our services

Traditional direct search using all the modern tools currently available in the market: direct search for candidates in the given industry or industries

Search process:
• personal consultation with the partners (to find out about the company, the position and to clarify expectations)
• compiling a list of companies for the direct search
• after the approval of the list, searching for potential candidate names
• telephone interviews
• face-to-face interviews
• preparing detailed professional reports on the candidates
• requesting references
• post-placement “follow up”

Our strong points:
• quality in all aspects
• regular, honest, open communication
• thinking together with our partners
• rapidity
• support outside project scope (information regarding changes in the market, salary levels, trends in the industry)
• the same quality can also be experienced by our candidates (accurate information, continuous feedback and communication, professional preparation and support)

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Our team

  • Andrea Deák
    Andrea Deák
    Managing Director, Senior Consultant
  • Friebert Róbert
    Friebert Róbert
    Partner, Senior Consultant
  • Bence Koronczai
    Bence Koronczai
    Research, Sales
  • Viktória Baranyi
    Viktória Baranyi
  • Zsuzsanna Wasser-Arnoux
    Zsuzsanna Wasser-Arnoux
  • Zsombor Márton
    Zsombor Márton
    Research - IT
  • Péter Bohács
    Péter Bohács
    PR, marketing

Projects in the last 5 years

About us 4
About us 5
Andrea Deák
Managing Director, Senior Consultant

    I have been working in the field of personnel consulting for 20 years

    During my professional career I have interviewed around 6000 people, and examined hundreds of companies closely. I still play an active part in searches and company visits.

    My first degree was in journalism, and while I still like writing, it is now a hobby. Later I did an MBA in HR at the University that is now called ‘Corvinus’ University. I speak English and German.

    People who know me know that I am an eternal optimist

    I cannot and do not want to live without dreams, but I never detach from reality. I really enjoy what I do, and I feel lucky to have found a profession where I can fulfil my aims, and which has provided me with a great number of personal connections and experiences.

    Private life

    I am an energetic mother of an energetic 12 year old son. I have a wide range of interests and my main principle in life is to be open to new things, whether in sports, music or culture. My other activity: I am a founder of Élet Akadémia ( (Academy of Life) which is an organisation dedicated to help those primarily in the age range of 15-25 years make a well thought out and informed career choice they would be happy to pursue.

    Contact: andrea.deak (kukac)

    Friebert Róbert
    Partner, Senior Consultant

      I have 25 years of financial management experience at multinational and large Hungarian companies

      I have worked in several different sectors during my professional carrier including electricity production, coal mining, delivery services, telecommunications, IT, machinery production, pharma, media and public transport, all of which I got to know as a finance leader.

      Change management, efficiency improvement

      At all my workplaces, significant changes occurred during the time of my employment or in some cases I was hired for the very purpose of managing change processes. In each case I was able to broaden my experience gained in change management and sometimes crisis management. In a short period of time I had to familiarise with the operation of the companies and prepare an action plan aiming at increasing efficiency as well as running the projects.

      Even an engineer economist can realise the fact that the highest value is human resources behind the numbers

      During the transformations and reorganisations I conducted many interviews and built new teams. At the beginning of my carrier the only thing that counted for me was solving tasks, getting better figures and results. However, today my main focus is on the people who have achieved these results. In the whole process, they are the ones who possess the highest value and they are the key to efficient operation.

      Private life

      I am keen on psychology and Eastern philosophies. I read a lot on these topics. I enjoy exercising and, of course, meditation plays an important role in my life.

      Contact: robert.friebert (kukac)

      Bence Koronczai
      Research, Sales

        I was working as a student in a sports store in 2011 when I was appointed as a student work leader and got closer to the field of HR. Later I was elected to be a member of the works council, which I then led for 1 year.

        This area is a good match for me

        That was when I realised that I love dealing with people and that this area was a good match for me. I studied Business Administration and Management at Budapest Business School, where instead of becoming specialised I continued my studies at the Human Resources Department. I have been working in HR since 2016, most specifically in consulting. At Greensearch consulting company my main task includes searching for specialists and managers.

        Private life

        I try to spend most of my free time in nature, I run and like tracking on the National Blue Trail paths. I am also interested in visiting World War II and Cold War bunkers and I base a Facebook blog on these trips. Unfortunately these days I have little time to update the site. In addition to this interest, I have been attracted to cars and motorbikes since my childhood, and over the years I have refurbished several old motorbikes. I was also lucky enough to gain an insight into the work of auto magazine writers.

        Contact: bence.koronczai (kukac)

        Viktória Baranyi

          I have always been fond of dealing with people

          I have always been fond of dealing with people. Therefore when it was time to make a decision about my further education, I chose to study at the HR department of the University of Pécs, which I successfully completed.

          I have been involved in recruitment and selection within HR since 2007

          Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to place candidates (specialists and managers) in the following fields: IT, Sales, Engineering and HR. In addition to selection, I have also dealt with the management of HR projects, the development of HR processes, training, coaching and mentoring of junior colleagues. I speak fluent English.

          Private life

          For a mother of a 6-year-old girl, work does not stop at home. I think a child is a continuous challenge for parents, and I have always liked challenges. In my spare time I go hiking, study French, paint portraits or read science fiction books.

          Contact: viktoria.baranyi (kukac)

          Zsuzsanna Wasser-Arnoux

            I spent most of my professional life in the world of fashion

            My previous job was at H&M , where I was in charge of company’s largest and most exclusive shop in Vörösmarty Square. Meanwhile, I got married, gave birth to a child and due to my husband moved to France 2 years ago.

            The world of HR is not unknown to me

            As part of my managerial position I had to interview, hire, lay off and manage hundreds of people. Greensearch consulting company contacted me one and a half years ago offering a research job that can be done from home which is just right for me. Something I can do beside a young child. I support projects while based in Nimes.

            Private life

            I’m the mother of a fantastic, but constantly moving 5 year old child. I am a committed advocate of a healthy lifestyle, whether it be eating or exercise. I run, swim, do yoga, and as a hobby I constantly look into creating new, health-conscious food combinations. One day I would like to open a breakfast bar called “Greenfood”.

            Contact: zsuzsanna.hanschut (kukac)

            Zsombor Márton
            Research - IT

              I’ve been working in the field of IT for more than 20 years

              I first worked in programming and later in building and operating IT systems. For many years I have been providing IT services and online broadcasts to my partners via my own company ( I became acquainted with Greensearch by pure coincidence.

              I am involved mainly in the maintenance of the company’s IT system

              On request, I am in charge of broadcasting conferences and training for partners or if there is a big volume of assignments, I get involved in searches for managerial and technical positions.

              Private life

              I’m a father of a teenage girl. I am a big fan of movies, I like hiking, and peaceful hobbies like fishing and photography. I particularly like nature photography, but I have also opened to the domain of studio photography (corporate portrait and image photography).

              Contact: zsombor.marton (kukac)

              Péter Bohács
              PR, marketing

                After completing my studies in IT and Sociology, I started my career at a large advertising agency

                I’ve been working in the field of digital marketing ever since, at one of the biggest web shops selling hi-tech products. I started to work together with the founder of Greensearch, Andrea, in a project related to Élet Akadémia which aims to help young people. At the beginning I provided PR and marketing support to the school and got to know Greensearch up close before becoming part of the team. The good relationship has been maintained ever since.

                Private life

                I love travelling and I really like taking photos and videos. The ideal situation is when I can do them at the same time. When I feel like doing something less active I spend my time watching series and listening to audio books.